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There is over 100 years of data and research to teach you the approaches and techniques to grow a sizable portfolio over the long-term. Outside of some hedge funds and other large investors, very few people know these "secrets".  

When you decide to learn these techniques and take control of your wealth, pay close attention to #2 below.

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    You will seek out the most profitable stocks: revealed by 80+ years of historical evidence and research, this asset class returns an average of 6% better than total stock market in the long-term
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    You will maximize profit and lessen risk in your portfolio: learn the capital allocation techniques that maximize your profit and slash your risk. Warren Buffett has talked about these techniques but never explained in detail. I  lay it out all for you to use and profit
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    You will stay clear of portfolio draining advice: most advice you receive from media or your financial adviser are "market myths". They may come with good intentions but they keep you poor. Spot and avoid these myths that drain your investments dry

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This is What People Are Saying About this Book

Great explanation on why small cap value stocks present best ...

easy to read

Highly recommended

Practical, easy to read and follow. Helps you drown out the misguided information that some industries push to sell their narrative, and ultimately their products.

A must read for someone who wants to take responsibility for their own finances and get a good grasp of the philosophy required to be a successful investor.

Important reading if you want to understand investing

A book to challenge your existing concepts

I have been following Shailesh for a while now and he send me over a copy of his book for a pre-review. What I like about it is he challenges your beliefs and makes you consider alternative realities.

By no means is this book for beginners, your need to have a little experience in the market and investing strategies for this to challenge you and not go over your head.

Well worth the read.

This is a fantastic read!

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Graham Checklist

  • Discover the 10 simple checks Ben Graham himself determined are key to profits. No more second guessing if you are looking at the right things!
  • Fully annotated by me with links where you can easily get data from. No need to hunt around on the internet!
  • A system that has outperformed the market in 4 out of 4 decades tested!


17 Key Financial Ratios

  • Discover the 17 ratios/metric in 5 business categories that give you the pulse of the business. We also give you the formulas to calculate
  • Learn why each of this metric/ratio is useful
  • Save yourself stress and potential losses by ensuring you have reviewed the main financial indicators before you invest. Do not be caught again by surprise revelations

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You can download the Ebook on the next page after purchase. It will also be emailed to you to the email on your PayPal account

Shailesh Kumar, MBA

Author, CEO Value Stock Guide

About the Author

I am an Engineer, MBA, ex-Management Consultant, former CFO, and a business owner. I have seen first hand, most types of operational and financial situations companies find themselves in.

I believe that my advantage over other investors and wall street comes from having actually owned, managed and being closely associated with the kind of businesses I invest in. I do not just analyze data - I can also understand the management decisions and challenges, and can estimate the impact of these on the future of the business.

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P.S.: While many know about analyzing stocks, the real secret of successful investing is in being in the right segment of the market, and assembling and managing your portfolio correctly to maximize profits and minimize risk. These techniques are not talked about or written up in books. Very few know these techniques. I tell all in this book. Buy the book right now!

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