[Value Investing Case Studies] These 26 Investments Made Millions in Profit

There are 100s of different ways to find value stocks.  Do it wrong, and the stock implodes in your face. How do you know what to pay attention to and why?

Between 2011 and 2017 we made and exited 26 different investments. Every single investment we made was profitable. My clients made millions of dollars in profit. These 26 value investing case studies give you my exact techniques and approach. 

Imagine knowing exactly how to approach each investment and eliminating 80% of your mistakes, naturally, as you start to think like a savvy value investor. 

Value Investing Case Studies

Your Copy of Value Investing Case Studies Includes:

  • 1
    Original Investment Theses: features the investment theses recommended to the VSG Premium members, including complete due-diligence, intrinsic value estimates, and potential catalysts
  • 2
    Post Sale Update: tells you the reason why the stock was sold and whether our investment objective was achieved
  • 3
    Outcomes and Performance: provides total performance of each investment we made in the 6 year period spanning 2011 - 2017

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Shailesh Kumar, MBA

Author, CEO Value Stock Guide

About the Author

I am an Engineer, MBA, ex-Management Consultant, former CFO, and a business owner. I have seen first hand, most types of operational and financial situations companies find themselves in.

I believe that my advantage over other investors and wall street comes from having actually owned, managed and being closely associated with the kind of businesses I invest in. I do not just analyze data - I can also understand the management decisions and challenges, and can estimate the impact of these on the future of the business.

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P.S.: At Value Stock Guide Premium, our members collectively invest many millions of dollars in each recommended idea. This has resulted in a rich track record of successful investments of different types. Do you want to learn the techniques that have actually worked in the market? Then these value investing case studies are just for you. Get them now!

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