FREE VIDEO CASE STUDY: 2 Highly Profitable Value Investments

Value Investing Case Studies Master List

Some time ago I listed a master list of case studies going back 5 years. This included 26 different investments we undertook starting 2011.

This 188 page value investing case studies pdf can be downloaded from here.

Check out the above value investing case studies. Questions are welcome.

More Value Investing Case Studies Examples

Earlier this year I had an opportunity to present a couple of case studies in value investing in video format to the participants in the Online Investing Conference.

The organizers of the conference have graciously allowed me to share this video with my readers.

The video is approximately 20 minutes long, and I talk about our investments in Gannett (GCI) and Homeowner’s Choice (HCI) in the past. I detail how the investment thesis was built and the results of the investment. I review the catalyst in the detail as well that went on to unlock the value in these 2 investments, and you will see the discussion of these potential catalysts in the original recommendations.

You can also view these value investing case studies free on YouTube.

Let me know what you think. If you find it useful, please like them on Youtube so other investors may be able to discover these as well.

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