Get 5 Years Worth of Value Investments Case Studies for Free

At Value Stock Guide Premium, we have made over 25 investments in the last 5 years that we have completed a round trip on. This means, these investments were made, and then ultimately we exited the stock in question. I have collected the original research that was part of the recommendation for every round trip investment and assembled it into a Case Study pdf eBook.

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In this investments case study, you will find:

  1. Research and analysis making the thesis for the investment
  2. The buying and recommended selling price thresholds
  3. The Sale report once the stock was finally sold
  4. The total returns achieved for each investment is also listed and summarized in a nice summary table

As they say, in value investing each investment is different. The reasons why an investment makes sense varies by the stock and the company. The analysis therefore is completely different as well. We do not have the luxury of taking a cookie cutter approach as we get down in the trenches of the operations of the business we are analyzing. That is why of course value investing is profitable.

You will see some of the stocks achieve spectacular returns.

Click Here to Download the FREE Case Studies

You will also see some of the stocks that go under the radar for very obscure reasons. For example, TPL with almost 900,000 acres of land in Texas which has been completely depreciated down to ZERO in the 200+ years the trust has owned this land, so the book value is miniscule. Yeah, the Price/Book ratio on this is sky high as there is almost nothing on the books any more. However the land that the trust owns is real and is appreciating every year.

We made excellent profits on this :)

You will also see a large number of our investments eventually acquired by other companies. Or even the management itself. Makes sense, undervalued businesses get bought out.

The case study in its totality is comprehensive – almost 200 pages. There is a wealth of investing experience and knowledge in this booklet. If you have not already, go ahead and download the case studies and go through them at your convenience.