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Stock market games and simulations allow students a valuable and fun opportunity to learn all about the process of making good investments and begin a good foundation for sound money management. These games are designed not only to be used in mathematics and economics but also give valuable lessons in social studies, language arts, technology and even science classes. It helps students expand their knowledge and gain new skills in investing, saving, communication, cooperation, research and decision making.

Youth Benefits of the Stock Market Game

The main benefit of the stock market game is that students who take part in it earn higher scores on personal finance exams than those who do not play it. More than one learning style is encouraged as both students and teachers become acquainted with the rules of the language of saving and investing money. Students are also able to carry out their own research at a comfortable level as teachers get to customize classroom lessons. Being a team-based learning exercise, it also allows cooperation on each part of the student. Along with classroom learning activities is the use of interdisciplinary teaching to extend the growth of a portfolio in online simulated securities trading as it allows students to use their research done online.

Game Process

In order to learn the ins and outs of the stock market, students research can be done through the internet, magazines and newspapers. For classrooms without internet access, a toll-free fax machine is used. It is advisable that there are fewer students on each team so each student can interact more with the simulation. For seven days a week and at any time of the day or night, classes are able to trade.

There are two popular stock market games for high school students across America. These are the Stock Market Game and the National Stock Market Simulation. These games are played using virtual money as each class needs it to make simulated sales and purchases of stocks plus mutual funds and bonds. There is a specified amount of time to complete the classroom portfolio.

The Stock Market Game exposes students within smaller budgets to increased educational standards. Meanwhile, the National Stock Market Simulation runs for 10 weeks which allows classes to ask orders for U.S. stocks and make real-time bids. Each student can view their performance as well as ranking in real time as there is a streaming portfolio update. According to Stock Market Simulations, both students and classes can use market, stop and limit orders while they play.

Students with the largest total equity in their portfolio at the end of a session are the winners. Prizes are usually awarded to the top three preforming teams. Rewards range anywhere from actual stock market shares to dinner certificates to T-shirts and trophies.

Stock Market Game Resources for Teachers

Stock Market Game Resources for Students

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