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Seagate Buying Xyratex at 27% Premium

We recently wrote about Seagate (STX) so wanted to update you on this acquisition. Seagate is buying Xyratex (XRTX). Xyratex is a UK based data storage company and ostensibly this acquisition adds customers and improves Seagate’s supply chain. Seagate is paying $374 million for the acquisition that translates to $13.25/share. Xyratex’s shares closed today at… [Read More]

Exited XRTX at $16.10, 30% Gain in 7 Months

I closed out my stake in Xyratex, (XRTX) today for a 29.94 % gain (excluding dividends). The stock was initially purchased on June 30, 2011. Average cost for this and subsequent purchases was $12.39/share. The position in this stock in the Value Stock Guide portfolio was closed as the stock hit the target price today…. [Read More]

[Member] Xyratex (XRTX) is Still a Bargain

This is a past Premium recommendation and is made available for your reference. For more past trades, refer to our trade history. You might recall I recently purchased shares in the data storage company Xyratex (XRTX). This is a reasonably small company (Market Cap: $300 Million) based in Havant UK that provides solutions and technologies… [Read More]

3 Value Stocks that Look Attractive

The following 3 stocks are part of the VSG Watch list as potentially undervalued and worthy of investment consideration. Sometimes these stocks are cheap for a reason, such as impending legal claims or temporary industry slowdowns or other company specific issues, and once these issues are resolved it can serve as a catalyst for the… [Read More]