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64 Best Dividend Stocks for 2014

We start the new year with our annual list of the best dividend stocks for 2014. This screen contains 64 names across a variety of industries. This is a collection of stocks chosen primarily for their dividend yield, excellent dividend growth rate (5 year average) as well as the likelihood that the dividend will be… [Read More]

Is $NOK Becoming Too Cheap?

Nokia 280

Nokia (NOK) started today with the news that it is cutting 10,000 jobs by the end of 2013 and increased its loss guidance for the second quarter. The stock is down to $2.34/share or about 16% on the news. Sadly, this has become a familiar story for Nokia over the last year or so, as… [Read More]

47 Top Dividend Stocks for April 2012


For investors searching for dividend yield, the amount of dividends paid is as important as whether the dividend can be sustained or even grown over time. For a value investor, it makes sense to look at dividend paying stocks as these stocks have a way of realizing value with each dividend payment. For this edition… [Read More]