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[Member] Special Situation Opportunity with GSOL (Global Sources)


We have had a few special situations investment in the portfolio. EBIX last year worked out really well, while with MAXY we ended up getting our investment back with not much more. Global Sources (GSOL) presents another investment opportunity in the same vein, although the details are very different. Opportunity in a Nutshell The stock… [Read More]

Exited MAXY as Board Approved Liquidation–1.27% Risk Free Return in Approx. 6 Months

Back in November 2012 we invested in Maxygen (MAXY) based on a simple premise. The company was in the process of liquidating and returning capital to the shareholders, and had no ongoing operations. Since they had more cash sitting on the books than the market value of the company, some return was guaranteed. Without any… [Read More]

[Member] MAXY Offers a Rare Low Risk Investment Opportunity

Maxygen (MAXY) historically has been a biotech company engaged in discovery and development of protein pharmaceuticals for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced neutropenia and acute radiation syndrome. For the last several years, the company has stopped its operations completely and is actively trying to monetize its R&D assets and return value to the shareholders. As of… [Read More]

Extreme Value Stocks: 1 of These Stocks Can make You Very Rich

4 Extreme Value Stocks for Your Portfolio Choose your own metrics and run these stocks through your own diligence process. You will find that these stocks tick most of the boxes for undervaluation. This is one of the most stringent screens I run, with the following filters P/E below 10 P/B below 1 Cash/Price >… [Read More]

5 Bargain Value Investing Stocks With Cash Rich Balance Sheets

Cash and cash equivalents  are the easiest balance sheet line items to value. Typically they can be valued at 100 cents on a dollar. The holy grail of value investing is of course, finding stocks that carry more cash on their books than the entire company is worth in the stock market. And if the… [Read More]