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64 Best Dividend Stocks for 2014

We start the new year with our annual list of the best dividend stocks for 2014. This screen contains 64 names across a variety of industries. This is a collection of stocks chosen primarily for their dividend yield, excellent dividend growth rate (5 year average) as well as the likelihood that the dividend will be… [Read More]

Best Dividend Stocks for 2013

Best dividend stocks for 2014 What are the best dividend stocks in the US in 2013? As an income investor, you look for dividend paying stocks with nice yield, but you also worry about whether the yield can be sustained. You look for stocks that can not only pay consistent dividends, but also have a… [Read More]

[Member] Flexsteel (FLXS), A Good, Solid, Boring But Undervalued Stock

This is a past Premium recommendation and is made available for your reference. For more past trades, refer to our trade history. Flexsteel Industries (Ticker: FLXS) is an Iowa based manufacturer of wooden and upholstered furniture for residential, business and commercial use. Additionally it makes upholstered seating for recreational vehicles such as motor homes, trailers,… [Read More]