Value Investing Tips and Articles

Value investing is an investment strategy popularized by Ben Graham and has proved to be a superior investment strategy over long investment horizons. We all like to buy products and services on sale - value investing just extends the concept to buying and selling stocks. It tends to simplify the investment process by eliminating confusing and generally useless concepts often part of the advanced financial and management academic programs. The success as a value investor arises from understanding the business and also by staying disciplined. Therefore, value investing is as much a financial concept as it is a change in investor behavior.

The articles below explain the concept of value investing, tips and tricks including articles aimed at beginner and advanced investors. Many of the concepts presented here are result of the evolution of value investing practice over time. Original value investing research and strategies are also posted here.

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FREE VIDEO CASE STUDY: 2 Highly Profitable Value Investments

Value Investing Case Studies Master List Some time ago I listed a master list of case studies going back 5 years. This included 26 different investments we undertook starting 2011. This 188 page value investing case studies pdf can be downloaded from here. Check out the above value investing case studies. Questions are welcome. More… [Read More]

How to Invest in Cyclical Stocks and Profit Handsomely

Cyclical stocks tend to be reliable profit generators in a value investor’s portfolio. Cycles exaggerate the valuations because they cause uncertainty in the market. So arguably, value investing should work very well. In practice, it can be hard to identify the right investment candidates and pick the right time to invest. We all know that… [Read More]

Growth Vs. Value Stocks: Who Wins Globally?

Global focus: value vs growth investing

Earlier I explored reasons why  value investing beats growth investing over a long term. The article was based on the data from the US stock market going back many decades. In this day and age when investors often invest in global stocks either through ADRs or via global funds or ETFs, we still need to… [Read More]