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We explain the concept of value investing, tips and tricks including articles aimed at beginner and advanced investors. Many of the concepts presented here are result of the evolution of value investing practice over time. Original value investing research and strategies are also posted here.

Recent Value Investing Articles

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” -Albert Einstein Editor’s notes: Value investing is often seen as a science of carefully balancing various fundamental ratios, judging probabilities and running some arcane discount models. Ben Graham was certainly an advocate of looking at a business through the lens [...]

JP Morgan (JPM) came out with its list of top 9 value stocks for 2014. Best Buy (BBY) made the list as as stock that presents clear value for 2014. According to them, the company has made the competition in its big box format irrelevant, and the improving economic trends and broader GDP growth should [...]

Many stock watchers I respect are worried about a bubble in the US stock markets. Normally I look for valuation-price anomalies in individual securities but macro economic trends sometimes help me in sectoral allocation in my portfolio. If you are worried that the US markets are too rich, it may be a good idea to [...]

This is the often repeated mantra: If insiders are buying the stock, it is a positive indicator. After all, who better to know the current business environment and the future prospects of the company than the insiders. This argument makes perfect sense. Insiders may sell a stock for many reason – maybe they needs money [...]

The following is an un-edited excerpt from the last newsletter I sent to my Premium members. I hope you find this a useful philosophy to adopt in your investing. It works for me and should work for you as well. There are a couple of points in my investment philosophy I want to bring out. [...]