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We explain the concept of value investing, tips and tricks including articles aimed at beginner and advanced investors. Many of the concepts presented here are result of the evolution of value investing practice over time. Original value investing research and strategies are also posted here.

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Value Investing in Cyclical Stocks

Cyclical stocks tend to be reliable profit generators in a value investor’s portfolio. Cycles exaggerate the valuations because they cause uncertainty in the market. So arguably, value investing should work very well. In practice, it can be hard to identify the right investment candidates and pick the right time to invest. We all know that […]

Growth Vs. Value Stocks: Who Wins Globally?

Global focus: value vs growth investing

Earlier I explored reasons why  value investing beats growth investing over a long term. The article was based on the data from the US stock market going back many decades. In this day and age when investors often invest in global stocks either through ADRs or via global funds or ETFs, we still need to […]

The Education of a Value Investor by Guy Spier – A Review

The Evolution of a Value Investor by Guy Spier

I have followed Guy Spier for many years, ever since he and Mohnish Pabrai plunked down $650,100 in an auction for lunch with Warren Buffett. So when the publisher palgrave macmillan wanted to send me a review copy of his book “The Education of a Value Investor: My Transformative Quest for Wealth, Wisdom, and Enlightenment”, […]

Value Investing: Do or Do Not… There is No Try

Most would be value investors understand the principles of value investing but falter in the practice. The reason often does not lie in what you know, but more in how you handle your portfolio. The basic precepts are simple – buy a stock if the cost is below the value of the business reflected by […]

When to Sell Stocks in Your Value Investing Portfolio?

To Sell or Not to Sell

As a value investor, two key decisions make or break your investment success. You have to know when to buy a stock. You also have to pick the right time to sell the stocks you own. Both these decisions can be fraught with self doubt if you still seek validation from the market behavior to […]

A quick tip for reducing the impact of the confirmation bias on your investing returns

Briefly, the confirmation bias occurs whenever individuals deliberately search for information that corroborates whatever decision they have either made, or would like to make. This is clearly hazardous to the investing process because it means that investors may really like a company for some inexplicable reason that is completely unrelated to the attractiveness of the […]

Why do Value Stocks Outperform Growth Stocks?

I frequently get emails and tweets from investors looking for the next growth stock. I have to politely excuse myself from this conversation. Growth investing is not my forte and in a way, very few ever do growth investing with any reasonable levels of success. This of course, is for no lack of trying. Growth […]

Quantitative Analysis Isn’t the Be All End All of Investing

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” -Albert Einstein Editor’s notes: Value investing is often seen as a science of carefully balancing various fundamental ratios, judging probabilities and running some arcane discount models. Ben Graham was certainly an advocate of looking at a business through the lens […]

Overuse of the Term Value Stocks–A Best Buy Saga

JP Morgan (JPM) came out with its list of top 9 value stocks for 2014. Best Buy (BBY) made the list as as stock that presents clear value for 2014. According to them, the company has made the competition in its big box format irrelevant, and the improving economic trends and broader GDP growth should […]