The Following 6 Stocks Are Trading At or Below 0.5 x Book Value–Sep 2013


One of the most basic screens to find undervalued stocks, Price less than the book value per share can indicate a possible attractive investment. This month’s book value screen uncovered the following 6 stocks that I strongly encourage you to review further. To screen for the following stocks, I have gone a little beyond just… [Read More]

Exited American Greetings: 36.62% Total Return in 15 Months


As you probably know, American Greetings (AM) is going private. A group of the founding family members (Weiss) have offered $18.20/share and the board has accepted the offer. The deal is expected to close in Jul 2013. I recommended and bought the stock first in Dec 2011. Over the last 15 months, I have added… [Read More]

27 Best Small Cap Stocks to Buy or Watch in 2013

Small cap stocks should perform well in 2013, especially if they are chosen carefully for underlying value. We have endured a lot of talk about “risk on” and “risk off” trades and as long as the economy and the markets remain un-settled, investors are going to be very careful with the value they are getting… [Read More]

Extreme Value Stocks: 1 of These Stocks Can make You Very Rich

4 Extreme Value Stocks for Your Portfolio Choose your own metrics and run these stocks through your own diligence process. You will find that these stocks tick most of the boxes for undervaluation. This is one of the most stringent screens I run, with the following filters P/E below 10 P/B below 1 Cash/Price >… [Read More]

Recent Sale: $TUES Sold at $6.26/share for 71.18% Gain in Less Than 6 Months

There are actually two sales to report. Tuesday Morning (TUES) was purchased on Mar 9, 2012 at an average cost of $3.64/share. Last week, on Sep 9, 2012,  the entire position was liquidated at $6.26/share for a gain of 71.18% Another partial sale was made on Aug 21, 2012 on a stock that I still… [Read More]