Value Stock Guide Premium Portfolio Performance Updates

Value Stock Guide portfolio was started in July 2009 and was made available in April 2011 for anyone to invest in it. We are classic value investors and we invest in businesses that we believe are undervalued by the market unfairly. Our investments tend to be long term with precise buy and sell parameters. We stay disciplined and do not concern ourselves with short term market or macro economic issues (unless it offers us an investment advantage). The VSG portfolio is long only and does not use margin or any other kind of leverage. While primary investment vehicle is equities, we may from time to time invest in debt and other derivatives, if a valuation case can be made for these investments.

The following articles journal occasional performance updates I may publish from time to time.

How You Could Have Trounced Berkshire Hathaway, S&P 500 and Russell 2000 in the Last 7 Years by 50% or More


These are significant margins. This July, Value Stock Guide Portfolio completes 7 years in the public eye. Since we just finished first half of the year 2016, I want to take this time to recap the performance of the portfolio this year and the long term record. Please note that this record was achieved starting… [Read More]

2014 Mid Year VSG Portfolio Performance Update


2014 so far has been marked with volatility. If you have invested in large stock indexes, this volatility has largely left you untouched. However, portfolios with small and mid capitalization exposure have felt this quite tangibly. We started the year on the back of a 38% gain in the portfolio in 2013. The early part… [Read More]