Mid Cap Value Stocks

Mid cap value stocks are often overlooked as investors gravitate towards large stocks or are focused on small cap stocks. Mid capitalization companies are well settled and can provide steady returns and often great dividends. Find the balance between excellent liquidity and profit potential in undervalued mid cap stocks. Our mid cap stocks have market caps between $800 million and $13 billion

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21 Best Mid Cap Investing Ideas for 2014

The valuations for the large cap stocks have been rich for a while. In the last many weeks we have seen curious rotation in the market. Investors are leaving the small company stocks indiscriminately as well as growth stocks in droves and moving their money into what the media calls “value stocks”. I say curious […]

4 Energy Stocks for Value Investors (Sep 2013)

If you are looking for energy stocks to round off your portfolio or add diversification, the following 4 candidates offer great values. Energy is a broad category  and the shortlist reflects this by including oil transportation, oil and gas exploration and equipment companies and even a coal stock. While coal may be tainted with the […]

3 Undervalued Stocks with High ROE (Sep 2013)

There is a value in growth, however it is difficult to figure out and bound to be inaccurate. Since the future growth can only be estimated, and the estimates tend to turn out widely different from the reality, it is hard to ascribe value to the growth with any real sense of confidence. One thing […]

The New KCG: Is It Worth Your Investment

Knight Capital Group has now merged with Getco and the combined entity, KCG Holdings has relisted on NYSE with the same ticker symbol, KCG, as of July 2, 2013. Knight Capital Group, a formerly public company, and GETCO Holding Company LLC, a formerly private company, now operate as subsidiaries of KCG Holdings Inc, which is […]

KKD Stock Quick Review: Overvalued at the Current Prices


After reporting substantial losses between fiscal years 2005 and 2009, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (KKD) is now profitable again. The stock is currently selling at multiples that may seem attractive compared to the industry, but in reality it is not.   KKD SBUX DNKN P/B 3.52 7.89 11.49 P/S 2.07 2.99 6.11 P/E 5.74 29.02 39.89 […]

These 15 Mid Cap Stocks Offer Great Growth and Value in 2013

If you are looking for growth at a reasonable valuation, the following 15 mid cap stocks are worth keeping an eye on. All of these stocks have reasonable earnings and book multiples, and have demonstrated an EPS growth among the highest in its industry. In addition, they are all available now at PEG ratio under […]