Macro View and World Events - How will the Affect Your Investments?

Value Stock Guide's review of major world and economic events driving the markets and the investment outlook. While stock valuations do not depend on macro issues, sometimes these trends may drive our investment selections as they may show up as potential catalysts for stocks that we may have traditionally passed over as potential value traps.

How to Invest in Oil and Profit Now After OPEC Cuts

Current Oil Supply and Demand

New OPEC Oil Agreement Changes Every Thing First time in 8 years OPEC has come together and agreed to a reduction in production by 750,000 bpd. This is remarkable for the Saudi and Iranians to come together. While the deal may unravel, it seems unlikely. Saudi Arabia in particular bought themselves some time in the last… [Read More]

How Should You Invest After the BREXIT Vote

Britain’s decision to exit the European Union has profound implications for the global economic structure. But how does this impact you as an investor? Let’s take a look at how the global business may be affected and how you may want to reposition your investments to take advantage of the changes or at the very… [Read More]

How to Invest During Deflation

Deflation is a rare occurrence. However, given the state of the global economy and a general prevailing sense that Europe may be slipping into deflation, many investors are concerned about the possibility and wondering about a deflation investment strategy. Deflation refers to a situation where general levels of prices for goods and services in the… [Read More]

Investment Opportunities as the Keystone Pipeline Approval is Stalled


In 2006, the North Dakota Bakken production was 5240 barrels per day. Today, it produces 1.1 Million barrels per day. With the Keystone pipeline approval being delayed, 75% of the North Dakota oil is transported to the refineries in Nova Scotia and Texas over the rails and the oil transported by the tank cars has… [Read More]

We May be Reaching the Point of Affordable Renewable Energy


The current administration has placed a priority on developing renewable energy industry in the United States. As is the case with any substitution product, the adoption hinges on the ultimate cost to the consumers. For the producers, it is often a catch-22 situation. To be competitive in the market, they need to build up scale… [Read More]

Are Market Indexes Providing a Misleading Portrait of the Economy?


One of the simplest methods of understanding the current financial market is through analysis of market indexes and comparing their values to past reference points like the 52 week high and the 52 week low. Many investors have had their eye on these market indexes lately, confused about why they seem to be doing so… [Read More]

Economic Data Often Drives Capital Markets


Macro changes to economic circumstances are a significant driver of the flow of money throughout the globe. As economic information is released to market participants and investors absorb new information their wiliness to commit capital to specific areas changes. Global macro changes can cause specific influences to certain securities such as currency pairs, sovereign debt,… [Read More]

Gold Holds Gains after the UK is Downgraded


Gold exchange traded fund prices rallied for the third consecutive day, moving out of oversold levels as investors moved back into precious metals. The strong performance led gold minors higher which helped the broader equity indexes gain traction. Overall sentiment remain negative, and it will likely take a while before bullish sentiment in the precious… [Read More]