Large Cap Value Stocks Coverage at Value Stock Guide

Large cap value stocks are often well established companies that may be temporarily undervalued. This can happen due to a business specific reason or due to cyclical nature of the industry. If you want security of extensive coverage, possible dividend, sufficient liquidity and the opportunity to invest for capital appreciation, you should consider large capitalization companies that may be undervalued. Our large cap stocks have market caps above $13 billion

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Recent Articles on Large Cap Stocks

Seagate Technology PLC (Stock: STX) is a US based company specializing in hard disk drives and storage solutions. They compete in markets such as ‘client compute’ which includes desktop and mobile computing, ‘client non compute’ that includes storage systems for other electronic devices such as gaming console system and digital home theaters etc. and ‘enterprise [...]

Bed Bath & Beyond has been expanding. In 2012, it purchased Linen Holdings and Cost Plus World Markets. It estimated 41 new store openings in the fiscal year 2012. Still the stock (BBBY) today can be purchased at 13 times multiple, which is in the low range of the historical multiple its shares have commanded. [...]

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The Euro crisis hit Spain hard and Spanish bank stocks have understandably suffered. Now that the EU economy appears to have stabilized a bit, you may wonder if this is the right time to buy SAN or other Spanish banks. The Pain in Spain Spain followed a story line similar to United States. Cheap credit [...]

Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold Inc (FCX) explores and mines mineral resources, primarily Copper, Gold and Molybdenum. Recently, the company has made moves to enter the energy market by acquiring Plains Exploration and Production Company and McMoran Exploration Company for $20 B combined, which gives it access to high quality US Oil and Natural Gas reserves. [...]

What a difference does a year make for value investing practitioners! When I ran this screen last year, I came up with 31 large cap stocks that offered a nice blend of earnings growth and good valuations. The same screen today returns a mere 2 stocks. So what has happened? Looking closer at the number [...]