History of Recommendations

These are the recommendations made to the Premium members in the past. We are now out of these stocks and may or may not get back in again. The Premium recommendations are made available to non-members about a week after we exit the investment.

Exited $GENC for 57.33% Return

On Dec 2, 2015 we exited our position in Gencor (GENC) for a total return of 57.33%. This position was first established on Oct 5, 2011. We held this stock for 4 years to wait for the catalyst of increased funding for Federal highway projects (transportation bill), which finally seems to be taking shape. Our… [Read More]

Exited $USLM for 27.75% Total Return

On Oct 31 I sold USLM stock at $70/share. We have held this stock since May 10, 2012, originally purchased at $54.75/share. The total return from this investment was 27.75%, net of commissions and includes dividends received. This is the original recommendation post I made to the members over 2 years ago The stock today is… [Read More]

[Member] HCII is a Buy With a Catalyst Already in Place

This is a past Premium recommendation and is made available for your reference. For more past trades, refer to our trade history. Homeowners Choice Inc (HCII) is a home owner insurance holding company in Tampa, Florida. Through its various subsidiaries, it provides homeowners’ insurance, condominium owners’ insurance and tenant insurance to property owners in Florida…. [Read More]