$JPM is Just a Symptom of Wider Corporate Governance Issue – Why Do Shareholders Matter Less and Less?

Credit crisis, mortgage meltdown, irresponsible risk taking and leverage, record bonuses and bailouts. Fast forward to today, and we have JPM with their “we were stupid” moment. We all know what the problem is. Or do we? The large bonuses give the traders every incentive to load up on leverage and risk. Most of the… [Read More]

Exited $UVV: 10.94% Gain in 8 Months

I initially purchased UVV (Universal Corp) in the Value Stock Guide portfolio on Oct 13, 2011 at an average cost of $41.03/share and sold out of the entire position on May 10, 2012 at $45.72/share. Including commissions, the average capital gains amounted to 10.94%. UVV has also paid $0.98/share in dividends in the interim. Including… [Read More]

[Member] Flexsteel (FLXS), A Good, Solid, Boring But Undervalued Stock

This is a past Premium recommendation and is made available for your reference. For more past trades, refer to our trade history. Flexsteel Industries (Ticker: FLXS) is an Iowa based manufacturer of wooden and upholstered furniture for residential, business and commercial use. Additionally it makes upholstered seating for recreational vehicles such as motor homes, trailers,… [Read More]