Dividend Stocks for Income and Value

Dividends are an integral part of value investing and we constantly screen for great dividend paying stocks for income that are reasonably valued or even undervalued. If you are an income investor, you will find excellent dividend stocks that can also offer nice price appreciation as well. We look for dividend stocks above $30 million in market cap.

According to historical research, dividends have represented over 50% of the total returns in the US markets since 1926. Although dividends used to be more relevant in the earlier part of the 20th century, they are making a comeback now for some of the very important characteristics of dividend paying stocks:

  • Regular dividends are a predictable income stream
  • Low yield environment such as today’s make dividend investing attractive of yield investors
  • Regular dividends protect against volatility
  • A sustained or growing dividend history indicates strong business fundamentals

For value investors that focus on managing risk, dividends also represent a way of regularly capturing the value in the stock. As the returns are captured faster than having to wait for capital appreciation, the inherent risk in the investment is reduced. Often, in cases of an undervalued stock, an increase in dividend may even be a catalyst for the stock to appreciate. Either way, an undervalued stock that also pays dividends is that much more attractive and should always be considered in this light

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