Dividend Value Stocks

Dividends are an integral part of value investing and we constantly screen for stocks that provide good dividend income and are reasonably valued or even undervalued. If you are an income investor, you will find excellent dividend stocks that can potentially offer nice price appreciation as well. We look for dividend stocks above $30 million in market cap

The Best Dividend Stocks for 2015

Which are the best dividend stock values that will potentially return superlative income and capital gains performance in 2015? The time to look for these ideas is now. The recent market declines have created some extraordinary values in the dividend paying stocks. We are also in the time of the year when many investors are […]

TransGlobe Energy Gears Up For First Dividend: How Big Will It Be?

TransGlobe Energy Corporation is a $550 million upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Canada, but with the vast majority of its operations located in Egypt. I’ve written before about searching for crises to look for stocks that have been overly beaten up by a herd of investors under the influence of what I call […]

64 Best Dividend Stocks for 2014

We start the new year with our annual list of the best dividend stocks for 2014. This screen contains 64 names across a variety of industries. This is a collection of stocks chosen primarily for their dividend yield, excellent dividend growth rate (5 year average) as well as the likelihood that the dividend will be […]

9 High Yield Dividend Stocks

High yield dividend stocks are attractive to investors in this environment of low interest rates. We went looking for some of the highest yielding dividend stocks in the market and then pared the list down by eliminating stocks with negative P/E ratio (i.e, unprofitable companies). Additionally, we eliminated the stocks that trade over the counter. […]

3 Undervalued Stocks with High ROE (Sep 2013)

There is a value in growth, however it is difficult to figure out and bound to be inaccurate. Since the future growth can only be estimated, and the estimates tend to turn out widely different from the reality, it is hard to ascribe value to the growth with any real sense of confidence. One thing […]

5 Undervalued Small Cap Stocks Paying Dividends

We continue to favor small cap stocks with low to zero debt on the books. The following stocks also pay dividends and are priced at less than 90% of the book value. As it turns out, 3 of the following 5 are financial companies, insurance and regional banks, and while majority of these stocks have […]