Exited $STC for $36.50/share for 17.83% Total Return

On Dec 23, 2014 we exited our position in Stewart Information Services (STC) at $36.50/share. The shares were acquired at an average cost (including commissions) at $31.01/share on Aug 9, 2013. The stock was a little over 5% of the portfolio when it was sold. While we did not reach our target sell price for… [Read More]

Exited $UVE: 73.14% Total Return in 6 Months

It might appear that I am raising cash because I believe that the market is frothy. There might be some of it but in reality the investment process I follow makes me buy when the stocks are low and sell when they are high. Disciplined investing with the right strategy automatically makes you cash heavy… [Read More]

Exited $ROICW: 199.11% Return in 1 Year

Last Friday we exited our best performing investment. Purchased Sold Apr 19, 2012 May 3, 2013 Price: $1/warrant Price: $3/warrant Net Gain: 199.11% net of commissions   The warrants have tripled one time before as Andrew Tobias points out. With this triple, the warrants have returned 9 times the original investment in the last 3.5… [Read More]

Exited EBIX: 34.41% Return in 44 Days

Ebix Inc has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Goldman Sachs for $20/share. After the news broke (May 1, 2013), I recommended members to sell all EBIX stock and sold my position at $20.50/share. We were able to sell the shares at prices ABOVE the acquisition price for two reasons: The market believes… [Read More]