Exited Gannett (GCI)–95.04% Total Return in 21 Months


We bought Gannett Inc (GCI) in the Value Stock Guide portfolio on Mar 7, 2012 and various other times subsequently. Our average cost for the stock was $14.52/share. Today we sold our entire position in this stock at $27/share netting a capital gains of 85.40% and total returns of 95.04%. Both these numbers are net… [Read More]

4 Year Anniversary of Value Stock Guide Portfolio, And a Recent Sale

July 22, 2013 marks the 4 year anniversary of Value Stock Guide Premium Portfolio. While I have run my own portfolio for over 18 years now, on July 23, 2009 I turned over my portfolio to Covestor so they can independently audit the performance. The Covestor relationship no longer exists. In January last year, they… [Read More]

Exited MAXY as Board Approved Liquidation–1.27% Risk Free Return in Approx. 6 Months

Back in November 2012 we invested in Maxygen (MAXY) based on a simple premise. The company was in the process of liquidating and returning capital to the shareholders, and had no ongoing operations. Since they had more cash sitting on the books than the market value of the company, some return was guaranteed. Without any… [Read More]

Exited $ROICW: 199.11% Return in 1 Year

Last Friday we exited our best performing investment. Purchased Sold Apr 19, 2012 May 3, 2013 Price: $1/warrant Price: $3/warrant Net Gain: 199.11% net of commissions   The warrants have tripled one time before as Andrew Tobias points out. With this triple, the warrants have returned 9 times the original investment in the last 3.5… [Read More]

Exited American Greetings: 36.62% Total Return in 15 Months


As you probably know, American Greetings (AM) is going private. A group of the founding family members (Weiss) have offered $18.20/share and the board has accepted the offer. The deal is expected to close in Jul 2013. I recommended and bought the stock first in Dec 2011. Over the last 15 months, I have added… [Read More]

Q3 Wrap Up – VSG Portfolio Up 33.62% Vs S&P500 14.56% YTD

As you recall, we ended Q2 with 18.74% YTD returns. Q3 turned out to be relatively eventful with several nice exits. Before we go into the details of the exits, let’s recap the quarterly performance to date for 2012. 2012 Performance, YTD Q1 Q2 Q3 Since Inception (Jul 23, 2009), cumulative Value Stock Guide Portfolio… [Read More]