At this time in the market there is no shortage of stocks selling at low multiples of their fundamentals. There is blood in the streets, specially among the small and mid caps, and of course the value assets have suffered in the last couple of years. This makes low P/E stocks even more enticing from… [Read More]

Exited $STC for $36.50/share for 17.83% Total Return

On Dec 23, 2014 we exited our position in Stewart Information Services (STC) at $36.50/share. The shares were acquired at an average cost (including commissions) at $31.01/share on Aug 9, 2013. The stock was a little over 5% of the portfolio when it was sold. While we did not reach our target sell price for… [Read More]

Cited in Prof Nijs Book on Mezzanine Financing

Quick short note to share that my article on beta from months ago has been cited and excerpted in Prof. Luc Nijs book on Mezzanine Financing. The book was published in Oct 2013 and the link below goes to the Google Books picture of the page where the citation can be found. We are in… [Read More]

Seagate Buying Xyratex at 27% Premium

We recently wrote about Seagate (STX) so wanted to update you on this acquisition. Seagate is buying Xyratex (XRTX). Xyratex is a UK based data storage company and ostensibly this acquisition adds customers and improves Seagate’s supply chain. Seagate is paying $374 million for the acquisition that translates to $13.25/share. Xyratex’s shares closed today at… [Read More]