Volatility and Smart Investing in Small Cap Equities Webinar

Yesterday, Glencore stock registered a one day 29% decline. This rippled through the global equity markets and affected sectors other than commodities and mining. In the US, the government scrutiny on drug prices have spooked investors in health care and biotech companies.

But frankly, it has been one thing or other this year. It appears that we have already forgotten about Greece now and have moved on to China, Commodities, Currencies and the Fed as the reasons to swing between bouts of pessimism and optimism.

Small cap stocks bear most of the brunt as they tend to be more volatile. Strangely, the business fundamentals of the small companies are less affected by the global macro concerns. It is arguable that we may or may not be in a (mild) recession today, but there is compelling data that shows that smaller company stocks perform worse heading into a recession and are solid outperformers coming out of recession.

So what is the correct strategy for small cap investors in today’s market?

A panel of 3 small cap managers attempt to answer this question in the most recent Bloomberg Markets Web Conference on Smart Investing in Small Cap Equities. I was one of the panelist in this event held on Sep 24, 2015, and addressed the question of volatility.

>> Click here to listen to the recording of this web conference.

Registration is required but it is free. The entire even is about one hour long.

CFA Institute members attending this webinar earn 1 Continuing Education credit.


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