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Key Resources for Value Stock Guide Readers

The following list includes key resources available to Value Stock Guide readers. Originally these were announced as they were made available and this seems like a guide idea to centralize them at one place instead you needing to search for these all over the website.

Free Ebooks, Whitepapers, Case Studies and other Reading Material

The links will take you to the page from where these can be downloaded.

  • 10 Point Graham Checklist – This is the well known Graham Checklist that has helped countless value investors in their quest to find the perfect value stock. I annotate this checklist with my notes that help you understand where to collect the required metrics
  • 5 Years of Value Investments Case Study – A collected chronology of value investments at Value Stock Guide between 2011 and 2016 (Mar). Every investment is listed along with its associated recommendation so you can review the analysis that goes into picking these stocks. You will also see how each of these investments performed

Paid Ebooks, Reports and Recommendations

  • 5 Investing Myths Your Financial Advisor Tells You – Much of what you know as “common sense” in investing is wrong. These ideas are mainly promoted for “protection” and ask you to accept mediocre performance as a sensible choice, primarily because not many advisors and talking heads are skilled enough to deliver better than average performance consistently.
  • Special Report: Oil – This is a time sensitive and live recommendation for Premium members, made available for purchase by all my readers.