You Can't Help but Pick Profitable Stocks to Buy Using these Proven Techniques

You have no doubt discovered that popular stock picks are not very profitable. Read on to see how you can avoid the hype and focus on the right stocks to buy every time

“A true value investor, Shailesh excels in finding attractive off-the-beaten-path investments away from Wall Street’s radar. His ability to cut through sentiment and provide insightful and thorough analysis makes his work compelling and ultimately very profitable. Seeking catalysts, he often has the uncanny ability to make calls that even technicians would be envious of. Additional qualities include being generous with time and attention to discussion and inquiry. Overall, highly recommended.”
- Aurelie Tu, Oregon

Value investing works. 80+ years of stock market data proves this without a doubt. In fact, small cap value stocks beat out the market by an average of 6% per year.

Doesn't sound like much? Consider this: $10,000 invested when you start your career will on average be worth $95,000 after 33 years. Barely enough for 1 years' living expenses. Same $10K invested in small cap value stocks will see you retire with a million dollar portfolio (see chart at the bottom of this page)

But how do you use this in practice to grow your wealth? How do you pick best stocks to buy and create an optimal portfolio that works in good times and bad?

"I am in this business close to 30 years and value investing is a big part of my portfolio. I like your analysis its very straight forward, keep up the good job."
-Paul Vasdekis, Fund Manager

I Help You with Outstanding Stock Picks
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Focus on Performance, Avoid the Traps

-> Well Researched & Carefully Picked Stocks
You get detailed analysis behind all stocks that are recommended to buy. This includes an explanation of value and what price you should pay. You also get sell targets, holding period and weights when the recommendation to buy is made. Every stock is chosen for potential outperformance and as part of an optimally diversified portfolio

-> Never Miss an Opportunity with Timely Alerts
You get stock alerts in your email every time I recommend stocks to buy or sell. You also get alerts when I buy or sell these stocks in my own portfolio. You are covered when an important news or event occurs that affects your stocks. I track these stocks for you so you can get on with your life, and not worry about missing an opportunity to profit

-> You are Always in Control
You should know and understand the stocks you are buying. If you have questions, you will always get an answer. Whether you want to ask about one of the picks, or get my opinion on an idea of your own, it is all part of your membership experience. Use your member exclusive forum, send me an email or request a phone call, which ever is convenient to you

* I focus on small cap value stocks that have been historically proven to outperform all other stocks by 6% annually or more in tests going back 80 years (Ibbotson Associates1)

* I focus relentlessly on eliminating risk by securing great valuations and insisting on a "catalyst" that will unlock value quickly. You are not stuck with a stock that stays undervalued for years

* I only recommend stocks to you that I buy myself. The Value Stock Guide Portfolio is a live and active portfolio. This is not a "model" portfolio that you get with other stock picking service. I work for you at all times by keeping my own capital at risk

$100K invested in VSG Portfolio 3 years ago is now $221K, while the same $100K in S&P 500 is only $147K

Performance as of Sep 14, 2012 VSG Portfolio S&P500
Since Inception, Jul 23, 2009 129.73% 53.63%
2012 YTD 36.43% 16.55%

Investing $100K in Average Stocks 3 Years Ago has Already Cost You $76,100 in Lost Profits

(and to make matters worse, if you bought funds you paid $1300 - $2304 every year in fees* for the privilege)

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*Based on the average expense ratio of 1.3% - 1.5% on portfolio of $100K - $153.63K

Mastering value stocks and value investing is easy when you have a site like The Value Stock Guide assisting you at every turn. Review

FACT: Over 70% of mutual funds underperform the index every single year

Ironically, this is because they are scared to death of under performing the average. So they end up buying the same stocks that every one else is buying. Clearly, with the fees you pay, there is no hope for anything more then mediocre results over time.

And they tell you to buy mutual funds, since "if these professionals can't beat the market, what hope do you have"

Have you ever wondered if all these mutual funds with billions of dollars are pulling the average down, who out there is actually pulling the average up?

You are right. There is a small group of private investors who rack in the profits year after year because they ignore the noise and quietly go about doing what they do best: pick stocks the old fashioned way, using techniques that are proven over time

Small investors like you and I have tremendous advantage over Wall Street. We can pick stocks to buy that financial institutions ignore or can't buy. You just need to find these stocks

I have invested in the stock market since 1995, refining and perfecting my strategy. Unlike 95% of the investors and analysts, I have real world experience of owning and running my own multi-million dollar businesses. The result is an outstanding track record and very happy members, as you can see below

I'd highly recommend Value Stock Guide Premium for investors of all types. To be a successful investor, you need to ignore most of the Wall Street noise and listen to the few that understand how to spot attractive investments, and can explain them in a transparent way. This is one of those worth listening to. I've found great value in this service, and I believe you will too!
-Michael B.

From Twitter:
@keithjuicew: Value Stock Guide premium membership is awesome, everyone should follow @arohan and check it out

"Total transparency is hard to find in this age and he goes out of his way to make sure that his interests are fully aligned with his member's."
- Jeffery Weber, Smart Balance Transfers

"Even though I am portfolio manager of the Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP); I don’t have the time to do the deep research required for small cap investing. Therefore I rely on a service to provide me the initial research for stock picks I may want to include in the AAAMP."

"If you can benefit from a small cap value stock picking service I suggest you consider Shailesh Kumar’s Value Stock Guide. His service provides his best small cap value stock picks as he shares his personal transactions with subscribers."

- Ken Faulkenberry.

“Although I am currently completing a Master’s of Accounting, I have little experience making investments. To learn more about investing, I subscribed to Shailesh’s “Value Stock Guide,” which has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource.

Unlike other subscription services, Shailesh uncovers little known companies with small market caps and little to no analyst coverage. And unlike other subscription services that claim to be value-oriented, Shailesh has rigorous standards for what constitutes a value company. For example, the Motley Fool newsletter was bullish on TTM Technologies (TTMI on Nasdaq) earlier this year, and I emailed Shailesh to ask him about the company. In response, he provided detailed analysis on TTMI for all of his subscribers. Shailesh concluded that investors should look elsewhere for value. Since Shailesh’s post, TTMI went from (roughly) $14/share to $10.03/share (as of 9/4/11).

In addition to Shailesh’s insightful coverage of value companies, he updates subscribers when he makes purchases for his portfolio. Along with these updates, Shailesh provides detailed research supporting his purchase decisions. This part of Shailesh’s subscription service is very helpful for new investors (like me) because it helps me learn how to apply fundamental analysis to stock-picking. On top of Shailesh’s insightful analysis, he personally responds to members’ posts and emails. I have learned a lot from Shailesh simply from emailing him with questions.

Overall, I highly recommend Shailesh’s “Value Stock Guide” for you.”

-Drew G.

"Value Stock Guide Premium provides insightful and timely analysis of value stocks. You will find plenty of resources to help you find fundamentally sound stocks. If you are looking for tips on creating a portfolio that can help you build lasting wealth, this site can be a research tool."
-Miranda M.

"You're awesome, Thanks a lot. Over the years, I tried different services, but never saw such quick and personalized response and detailed analyses like yours."
-Chandra T.

"I do not see any of your picks mentioned on any other sites like Motley Fool or Seeking Alpha. How do you find these stocks? They obviously work and I am happy to renew"
-Drew G.

"Congratulations Shailesh.... that was a great find with excellent buy and sell executions!"
- Ken Faulkenberry, commenting on the recent sale of HCII

“Since I have known Shailesh, I have been impressed by his bottom-up analysis and investing skills. If you are looking for someone to advise you on your investments, he is someone you should consider. I strongly recommend checking out his portfolio and his track record. You will be impressed!”
- Atul Laddad

Just one more thing before you join today: I will close the membership at 2000 or earlier. Too many dollars chasing same stocks is not good for you or me. As a member, you deserve nothing less. If you wait, you will miss out

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1. Ibbotson study
Style Indices Returns
Other similar studies confirm the results going back 80 years
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