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More Frequently Asked Questions About Value Stock Guide Premium

Can I see a sample of your recommendations?

Yes, of course. You can see the entire history of all the trades we have made in the past (excluding the stocks we still hold). Included for your convenience is the actual research and recommendation made to the members at that time. See the trade history here (opens in a new tab or window)

How does the service work?

I continuously screen and research for the best value opportunities in the market. My primary goals are to find stocks that represent great values, have a catalyst that will unlock the value soon, and fits the overall portfolio in terms of diversification and low correlation. When I find good stocks, I research them deeply, post my analysis and send out a recommendation to all members via email, that includes buy price and recommended weight. I wait at least 3 days after recommending to buy the stock in my own portfolio

How big my portfolio should be to invest with VSG?

To get the maximum benefit out of your membership, you should allocate a minimum of $15,000 USD to following Value Stock Guide picks. Recommended starting portfolio size is $25K and above. In the simulations I have run, a portfolio smaller than $15K will not generate excess returns above the fees.

How often do you buy and sell?

On average you can expect 1-4 transactions a month. I focus on long term investments. Low portfolio turnover reduces transaction costs and taxes and helps us focus on businesses rather than daily stock gyrations

Do you always focus on small cap value?

I do have mid cap and large cap stocks in the portfolio. I go wherever good values can be found. It just so happens that great value stocks are most likely to be smaller companies. I avoid companies that are not listed on major exchanges

Is low liquidity a problem for small cap stocks you recommend?

It can be at times, though there are techniques to work with low liquidity. Most of the time, since we focus on value stocks, we are buying when the market is in a hurry to sell and we sell when the market couldn’t get enough of the stock. Generally, liquidity at the time of buying or selling is not a big problem. It can be low during the holding period though

You have an ongoing portfolio, and I am joining new. How do I get started?

Great question! I have posted an on-boarding guide I send you as soon as you join. The brief answer is that you start by buying stocks that are recommended that are still below the buy threshold. Over time, as new recommendations are posted your portfolio will start matching my portfolio closer and closer. Of course, you can always use my recommendations as ideas and make independent buy/sell decisions

I have more questions

Just send me an email at sk (@) valuestockguide (dot) com and I will get right back to you

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Who Am I? – Shailesh Kumar

With over 18 years of investing in the market I have seen the markets go through extreme cycles.

One thing that has held true – value investing protects on the downside and can even deliver profitable year when the rest of the market is deeply negative.

My professional qualifications give me unique insights into a business that most analysts lack

  • MBA, Finance & Strategy – Univ. of Michigan
  • Fortune 100 Consultant – AT Kearney
  • CFO/Director Finance – $60 m Revenue Startup
  • Owner/CEO – $4 m Revenue Manufacturing Company
  • Personal and Private Investments – 18+ years including managing other people’s accounts