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  • My very best value stock ideas
  • Price & portfolio weights
  • Buy and Sell Alerts
  • Exclusive member forum
  • Performance Tracking
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • All questions answered

*VSG Partnership Funds when offered will include substantially same investments as VSG Premium and are meant for members wishing a managed fund option. Qualifications: Sophisticated investor, current VSG Premium member. Planned offer date: Q4, 2017

“Shailesh has a proven track record, and you can see that directly on the site. Its all very straightforward, and that’s the best kind of subscription you can buy.”
- Michael Brisky

Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Investments carry risk. We have an unrelenting focus on minimizing risks but things do happen that cannot be anticipated. You should expect a typical investment horizon of 5 years or more
  2. We are value investors and typically do not react to market volatility unless it provides an advantage. If you are unable to handle temporary price declines, please do not join. You will be better off in more conservative investments
  3. We do very few transactions in the portfolio. Focus is on long term quality of research and investment ideas. Investors desiring a new stock pick every day or every week will not find this service appropriate to their needs.
  4. Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable. Immediate family members are allowed to use your plan.
  5. Value Stock Guide Premium provides research and recommendations. The decision to invest or not is always yours.
  6. Your returns depend on the timing and prices you receive when buying or selling the stocks recommended, which may be different from what we receive in the Value Stock Guide Premium portfolio. Consequently, your actual returns may be higher or lower than ours. I wait for at least 3 business days after the recommendation to purchase the stock in my own portfolio to remove any conflict of interest