VSG Premium Performance Update: February 28, 2014–Up 11.85% YTD

This year so far has proved to be excellent for the members. We did pretty well in January, taking a 6.68% points lead over SP500. February has turned out to be even better, with our lead now at 10.89%.

At the end of February, the VSG Premium portfolio returned 11.85% year to date. So far since inception, the portfolio has returned 245% compared to 104% you could have received in an S&P 500 index fund (assuming no commissions/expenses were paid in the index fund).

As of Feb 28, 2014. Inception: Jul 23, 2009
Year VSG SP500 Excess
2012 32.44% 16% +16.44%
2013 38.30% 32.39% +5.91%
2014 YTD 11.85% 0.96% +10.89%
Inception 244.96% 104.37% +140.59%
Value Stock Guide Premium Portfolio Performance

As was the case in January, the returns came from multiple stocks and was not dependent on any one spectacular hit. Many of the businesses we own showed significant improvements in their top and bottom lines, and in one case I ended up increasing my buy and sell targets by a good amount.

We carry a little less than 17% of the portfolio in cash.

The process for registering for Premium membership has changed. If you are interested, request membership here as long as it is still open.


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