Many of you are aware that I dedicate a portion of my membership income to charitable causes every year. This year’s contributions are made in 2 parts. 1. Charity: Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship I am continuing to support Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship through my annual contributions. NFTE provides programs for at-risk students from low income [...]

We bought Gannett Inc (GCI) in the Value Stock Guide portfolio on Mar 7, 2012 and various other times subsequently. Our average cost for the stock was $14.52/share. Today we sold our entire position in this stock at $27/share netting a capital gains of 85.40% and total returns of 95.04%. Both these numbers are net [...]

Seagate Technology PLC (Stock: STX) is a US based company specializing in hard disk drives and storage solutions. They compete in markets such as ‘client compute’ which includes desktop and mobile computing, ‘client non compute’ that includes storage systems for other electronic devices such as gaming console system and digital home theaters etc. and ‘enterprise [...]

Travel Centers of America (Stock: TA) operates two ‘travel center’ brands, TA and Petro. Travel centers are also known as ‘truck stops’ that offer parking bays, fuelling lanes, food services and resting amenities. They currently operate 214 outlets under the Petro and TA brands and have another 33 run as franchises. In 2007 Hospitality Property [...]

American Eagle Outfitters (Stock: AEO) is a clothing retail brand focused on 15 yr to 25 yr old demographics. They have 3 different retail channels that includes American Eagle stores, their outlet stores and aerie lingerie and apparel. The brand is going through a growth phase as they restructure their business model and look to [...]