What is Deflation and Why Should I Worry

What is Deflation? - Definition Deflation is a period of falling prices of goods and services in the economy. This is the opposite of inflation, which is when general prices rise over time. Normally, economies are inflationary over the long term. … [Read more]

Best Small Cap Stocks to Watch in 2015

In terms of valuations, these small cap stocks are cheap. Some of these are cheap for a reason, specifically the companies in the oil and gas sector. My global oil demand/supply model indicates that we will see the oil prices rise again in the 2nd … [Read more]

Exited $STC for $36.50/share for 17.83% Total Return

On Dec 23, 2014 we exited our position in Stewart Information Services (STC) at $36.50/share. The shares were acquired at an average cost (including commissions) at $31.01/share on Aug 9, 2013. The stock was a little over 5% of the portfolio when it … [Read more]

Quick Video of me on Benzinga Pre-Market Show

I spent the morning of Dec 24 talking to the nice folks at Benzinga on their Pre-Market show. The interview was about me and VSG and also has some of my thoughts on the market now and crystal ball for 2015. Enjoy Hope you are enjoying the … [Read more]

Growth Vs. Value Stocks: Who Wins Globally?

Earlier I explored reasons why  value investing beats growth investing over a long term. The article was based on the data from the US stock market going back many decades. In this day and age when investors often invest in global stocks either … [Read more]

Value Premium Definition

Value premium refers to the observation that value stocks tend to return better than growth stocks on a risk-adjusted basis. Fama and French defined the value premium as the difference in returns between high book to market stocks and low book to … [Read more]

Exited $USLM for 27.75% Total Return

On Oct 31 I sold USLM stock at $70/share. We have held this stock since May 10, 2012, originally purchased at $54.75/share. The total return from this investment was 27.75%, net of commissions and includes dividends received. This is the original … [Read more]

The Best Dividend Stocks for 2015

Which are the best dividend stock values that will potentially return superlative income and capital gains performance in 2015? The time to look for these ideas is now. The recent market declines have created some extraordinary values in the dividend … [Read more]