As of Feb 05, 2016. Inception: Jul 23, 2009. Last Year and Last 5 Years data is for calendar year
Year VSG SP500 Russell2000
Value of $100K since inception $274,158 $215,003 $179,297
2016 YTD -6.16% -7.85% -13.15%
Last Year -9.77% 1.38% -4.41%
Last 5 Years 71.32% 77.77% 55.17%
Cumulative since Inception 174.16% 115.00% 79.30%

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This is my current portfolio that is updated at the end of every week. If I make a transaction, than I update this on the day of the transaction. Unless otherwise noted, the prices are as of the market close on the update date.

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How to Use?
The list below shows the current holdings in the VSG portfolio along with the allocation in the portfolio. To mirror VSG portfolio, you should buy the green lighted stocks upto the weight indicated. Do not buy the red lighted stocks. For yellow lighted stocks, you can enter a limit order with the maximum price indicated in the “Price to Pay” column.

You may end up with more cash left over than in the VSG portfolio, if there are red lighted stocks below. This is okay. As new transactions occur, your portfolio will get closely aligned to VSG portfolio over time.

Portfolio Detail: As of: Feb 05, 2016, Next Update: Feb 14, 2016


Stock Pos Start1 Buy Now? Price to Pay Avg Cost2 Weight (%) Last Close % Capital Gains3 % Total Return4 Target
Sign Up/Sign In to View 17-Apr-2015 Yes < $5.25/sh 4.64 4.12 2.04 -56.05% -56.05% 10.00
Sign Up/Sign In to View 9-Apr-2015 Yes < $43.69/sh
Adjusted for spinoff
Adjusted for spinoff
4.92 20.49 -43.09% -40.80% 69.55
Adjusted for spinoff
Sign Up/Sign In to View 9-Apr-2015 No None 8.27 0.25 3.94 -52.36% -52.36% Under Review
Sign Up/Sign In to View 30-Jan-2015 Yes < $2.50/sh 2.19 3.52 2.11 -3.65% -3.65% 8.00
Sign Up/Sign In to View 28-Aug-2014 Yes < $10.82/sh 9.27 1.19 2.66 -71.31% -71.31% 16.23
Sign Up/Sign In to View 19-Aug-2014 Yes < $26.50/sh 16.79 4.10 12.81 -23.70% -16.60% None Set
Sign Up/Sign In to View 31-Jul-2014 Yes < $44.84/sh 40.58 3.76 41.86 3.14% 6.18% 58.29
Sign Up/Sign In to View 09-Jan-2014 Yes < $13.16/sh 12.66 8.85 9.86 -22.12% -22.12% $21.93
Sign Up/Sign In to View 03-Oct-2013 Yes < $60/share 39.99 8.14 43.78 9.48% 18.10% $78
Revised: May 3, 2015
Sign Up/Sign In to View 05-Jul-2013 Yes < $60.00/share 60.17 7.23 53.70 -10.75% -5.75% $105
Sign Up/Sign In to View 18-Sep-2012 NO < $3.90/share
Updated (05/14/2014): Do not buy unless changed
2.95 3.46 1.44 -51.26% -51.26% $6.47
Sign Up/Sign In to View 20-Aug-2012 Yes < $11.75/share 4.65 8.30 5.18 11.41% 11.41% $20 [Revised]
Sign Up/Sign In to View 10-Apr-2012 Yes < $12.5/share 10.79 3.18 4.96 -54.03% -48.52% No Target Set
Sign Up/Sign In to View 14-Feb-2012 Yes < $3.53 2.09 8.65 1.80 -13.79% -13.79% 4.4
Cash 30.35


Please note that market prices may have changed as of last update. Always check the current prices to confirm before placing a buy order
Yes You can buy now up to the weight in the portfolio
Yes-Limit Order Okay to put in a limit order for the price indicated
No Do not buy but continue to hold existing shares, if any, until a Sell advice is posted


Past Holdings – This section has been expanded and moved to the Trade History page

1 This is the date when I first started buying this stock. I may have purchased/sold partial positions in the stock after this date
2 Average cost includes the brokerage commissions and is an average of my transactions in this stock on all dates. For sales, cost basis is calculated based on average cost
3 Gain or Loss is inclusive of commissions paid and does not include dividends. Adding dividends will increase the gain.
4 Gain or Loss is inclusive of commissions paid and includes dividends on the shares current hold collected through the holding period.