The Profit Formula is Very Simple

Good Stocks + Good Investment Approach = PROFIT$$

You mess up one of these, you lose money

If you pick wrong stocks you can still recover, but If your investment approach is wrong, you will lose money even if the stock does well

Here is the big problem no one talks about

Almost EVERYTHING you have been told about investing leads to a bad investment approach. You have been trained to lose money in the stock market. I will tell you why in just a bit

In this 34 page Ebook, you will learn

  • The top 5 investing myths you should ignore. What they tell you about diversification, risk, etc is ruining your returns. Yes, even your financial advisor feeds you these same myths because ... they don't know any better
  • Which asset class to invest in to get consistently high returns. It is not what you think it is. It is definitely not what your advisor recommends you invest in. Pity, since the past 100+ years of market history shows that this asset class CONSISTENTLY beats the overall market returns
  • How to think about “Risk” correctly? This will change the way you look at stocks. More of your investments will be profitable and by larger amounts. Magic? Not really!
  • And much more

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Warning! This is NOT a traditional report. If you want advice that everyone uses to get mediocre returns, you should not get this ebook. If on the other hand you want to know how the best investors approach investing for a lifetime of investment success, this ebook will be your indispensible guide


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Dear soon-to-be Superior Investor,

Ever wonder "if only I had done this instead of that ..." with any of your past investments?

For example, maybe you should have sold the stock when you and everyone else felt really excited about the prospects! You had no way of knowing that the stock would crash soon!

(You are not alone - there is no shortage of hedge funds that got caught in the Enron, Worldcom, Bear Stearns, Valeant, and 100s of other similar implosions. As for financial pundits on TV, nothing comes close to the following exchange on CNBC on March 11, 2008:

Dear Jim: "Should I be worried about Bear Stearns in terms of liquidity and get my money out of there?" - Peter

Jim Cramer: "No! No! No! Bear Stearns is fine. Do not take your money out. Bear sterns is not in trouble. If anything, they're more likely to be taken over. Don't move your money from Bear. That's just being silly. Don't be silly."

Bear Stearns collapsed 85% just 5 days later and started the 2008 financial meltdown.)

Perhaps, you should have held on or bought more stock when it was scraping the bottom. Unfortunately, you gave up and sold at precisely the time when it was the best buying opportunity to come along ever

Maybe you think buying an index fund with 500 stocks in it gives you good diversification. Ever consider the fact that there is such a thing as OVER diversification? And what it does to your returns? And the fact that it will still not protect you during a market crash!

Here is what you should know: to generate consistent profits with your stocks and still sleep well at night without worries, you need to change the way you approach investing. You do not need to know what is going to happen in the future. No body knows that. But you do need to understand some fundamentals and develop an instinct that steers you away from danger and towards more profits

And yes, you really do need to invest in the right asset class if you want to have any hope of finding financial freedom and taking care of your family in the way they deserve

You see, most investment advice today is structured to protect the advice giver. You cannot blame someone for bad advice, if all advice you get is bad! It is up to you to seek out good advice because your investments today will determine whether you are financially secure in your old age, or will you depend on others for your every need


Great question!

I have been called "one of the best small cap investors in the country" by Bloomberg Markets. Huffington Post calls me the advisor to the high networth investors. I have been written up in New York Times. In fact, my views on INVESTMENT RISK are now getting used in academic text books (Mezzanine Financing, Chapter 3, by Dr Luc Nijs, Wiley Finance)

My advice is used by individual investors like you, as well as financial advisors, mutual fund managers and hedge fund managers

But don't take my word for it: go ahead and search for me ("Shailesh Kumar") on Google or your favorite search engine

The fact is that I do not manage outside money. Investors seek me out for advice and pay me significant sums for my time. I can help you with personalized advice, of course, but I can help more investors by getting them on the right path with this ebook

But as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Since inception in 2009, 100% of my investments in the Value Stock Guide portfolio have been profitable. I tell you exactly what works for me and my members who pay me for my advice. My personal networth depends on using the advice I give you in this ebook

Imagine, this ebook has the potential to dramatically improve your financial future, but it costs less than a good dinner out for 2! Can you think of any better investment out there?

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"I am in this business close to 30 years and value investing is a big part of my portfolio. I like your analysis its very straight forward, keep up the good job”

Paul Vasdekis

Fund Manager

“Shailesh Kumar who runs Value Stock Guide (VSG) is truly amazing. For the last 30 years I have being relying on Mutual Funds as well as various so called 'Stock Market Gurus' and various services, yet my returns have never beaten the S&P. Finally after reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, I started actively looking for a service that follows value investing and that's how I got to know of VSG. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and Shailesh has not disappointed. VSG historic returns speak for themselves and I've been lucky enough to witness them first hand.”

Everard Hessing

Oil Rigs


I guarantee you’ll find this ebook valuable if you’re looking to improve your investment performance significantly. See for yourself by purchasing this ebook and reading it. If at anytime in the next 12 months you feel this ebook has not helped you make more money, just let me know and I will cheerfully refund your cost of this ebook


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