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Use these resources to learn about stocks, the stock market, investing, markets, exchanges and other personal finance related topics. These articles provide a wealth of knowledge and where appropriate they also provide references to reputable sites on the internet to get more information.

7 Resources to Learn the Stock Market

These cover basic topics on investing and stocks. Start here if you are a beginner and as you gain understanding and proficiency, you will be able to formulate your own investment strategy and seek proper guidance if necessary.

Personal Finance and Economics

The following resources address key personal finance topics that should help you to manage your household and help your children learn basics of money.

Other Resources

These resources are useful for people trying to manage and grow their own businesses or invest in intangibles that have monetary value that can’t be quantified. It is important to pay attention to all sources of value in your personal and professional life.

About Value Stock Guide

Officially launched in early 2011, Value Stock Guide has quickly become an invaluable resource for stock market investors and beginners alike. We focus on fundamental investment analysis and prefer stocks undervalued in the Buffett/Graham tradition. Various stock screen are produced and we recommend undervalued stocks to buy after a careful analysis and due diligence. Free newsletter is available and is an invaluable tool for the beginning investor to learn the stock market concepts and ideas.

KillerStartups.com has this to say in their Value Stock Guide review:
“Mastering value stocks and value investing is easy when you have a site like The Value Stock Guide assisting you at every turn.”