Fun Investments: Coin Collecting for Beginners

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History of Coin Collecting

Coin collecting has been around for hundreds of years. Many people first started collecting coins because it the coins had a meaning to them. It was a time in their past, or the coin told a story to them. In the 1930s coin collecting became more popular. As time has passed coins have become more and more popular. This is because people have realized that there is more than just sentimental value to coins, some have a real value too. They can indeed be fun investments.

Why Collect Coins?

Numismatic Collections

The Fun of Collecting United States Coins

Value of a Coin

The value of a coin is determined by multiple factors. The first factor that influences the value is how rare the coin is. Many people associate older coins to be more rare, that is not the case. The less popularity and abundance of a certain coin there are, the more value the coin has. Another factor that influences the value of a specific coin is the condition it is in. Coins are graded on their condition. The lower the grade a coin receives, the less valuable it is. The more pristine the condition is, the higher the value will be. The metal that the coin is made of also determines value as well. Depending upon if the coin is made of gold, or silver will determine how much added value that particular coin has. The last factor is the demand of the coin. The more demanded a coin is, the better for the value. The less demanded a coin is, the lower the value.

Coin Collecting is a Profitable Hobby

My Coin Collecting

Coin Collecting Helping Trim The National Debt

Economics of Coin Collecting

What’s This Coin Worth

Supply and Demand/Investment

The supply and demand aspect of coin collecting depends upon the particular coin in question. A rare coin is rare because not many coins that were identical to that one were produced. Those coins will not be produced again, which makes them rare. The demand aspect of coin collecting is finding certain coins. Demand has a large impact of the value of different coins. The more in demand a coin is, the higher the value will be. The same goes for the opposite way. Coin collecting can call for long-term investment planning. One can invest a large amount of money into coins in hopes that the coins will later be worth more money.

Investing in Coins

Investors Create Additional Demand for Rare US Coins

Numismatic Investing

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Rare and Beautiful Coins

Collecting Coins by Age and Budget

Coin Collection Themes

There are a variety of ways to manage your investments. Typically, coins are collected by themes. A country collection is one theme. Someone may want all different coins that were produced by one country, such as an American wanting only United States coins. Error or subject themes are common as well. Error coins refer to coins that have a mistake on them, coins with flaws. Subject coins have designated subjects on them, whether that is a specific president, a car, or another subject. Year and type of coins are another two themes. Year refers to collecting coins in only one year, but can be from any country, any type of coin.

Illustrated Ancient Coin Glossary

The Different Coin Collecting Themes

7 Popular Coin Collecting Themes

Coin Care Tips

There are many coin tips that coin collectors should be aware of. First, the value of a coin means everything when caring for a coin. If one doesn’t know the value of the particular coin, then it is suggested to not clean it. Coin should be cleaned by a professional only. Coins that are being sold have to be disclosed if they have been cleaned. New found coins should not be cleaned. If new found coins are cleaned they can become damaged over time.

Tale of Two Cleanings

Silver Coin Cleaning

Collection Storage

Storing Your Coin Collection

The ABC’s of Coin Collection Storage

Proper Coin Care

Organizations Supporting Coin Collectors

Today there are a variety of organizations out there for coin collectors. Some organizations help people find different coins. Other organizations help people sell coins. There are many organizations to help a person with any needs as a coin collector.

UNC Coin Collecting Conference

Capital Coin and Currency Holders

Association of Collecting Club

Atlantic Provinces Numismatic Association

World Internet Numismatic Society

International Association of Professional Numismatists

John Reich Collector’s Society

Calgary Numismatic Society