Charitable Foundation

Purpose: Fund a Charitable Foundation trust as a vehicle to support causes that help people realize their full potential. Every one has talent and purpose in life, but often they are not aware or do not possess skills or circumstance to bring it to the fore. Causes that are supported may range from teaching interviewing skills to underprivileged students, merit scholarships, new business support groups, etc.

Philosophy: I believe in helping people learn to achieve and express themselves. I do not believe in giving for the sake of giving. Teaching people to fish creates more value in the society and therefore I support groups and programs that act as change agents and enablers.

Mechanics: The basic outline of the process is as follows:

  • Donate 10%-15% of profits from Value Stock Guide to the charitable foundation trust every year
  • Select charities and non-profits to support that meet my criteria above and direct giving from the trust
  • Funds not yet distributed will be invested for growth according to the value investing principles we practice at Value Stock Guide

More details will be posted as they become more concrete.

Update (Nov 4, 2011): I have started an account at Network for Good and started funding charities on their network. Network for Good is a donor advised fund. I will use them until I start my own foundation.

Charities supported:

  • Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

A dear friend of mine has been raising funds to provide access to clean water in developing countries. If you would like to support his charity, you can do so at the Charity:Water page. Any donation is appreciated!