Best Stocks to Invest in 2015–A Compilation of Screens

The best stocks to invest in 2015 will change dramatically over the year. We have started 2015 amidst renewed volatility in the US stocks and this will likely continue for some time as the market comes to grips with the changing dynamics of the oil prices as well as the upcoming interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve. Given this, it is more important than ever to keep an eye on the changing stock valuations this year as opportunities will come and go.

Over the course of the year you will find new screens compiled and added to the list below. While these screens may come from different angles, all of these are focused on finding the best undervalued investment opportunities. These screens indicate ideas that should be investigated further and deeper before the investment thesis can be built. As you know, these screens form the starting point from where most of the ideas that are eventually recommended to our premium members come from.

To learn about analyzing stocks from these lists or any other stock you may be considering, go to our investment guide.

Best Stocks to Invest in 2015 Lists By Asset Class

For your convenience, we have organized the screens according to the asset class. Please note that the focus for the Dividend Stocks screens include, in addition to valuation, characteristics about the dividend yield and coverage and the possibility of dividend growth. These dividend attributes are typically not considered in other screens. As a result, these may appeal to a different kind of investor than a classic value investor. It is also appropriate for value investors who want to isolate income stocks in their retirement portfolios (to minimize taxes).

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Dividend Stocks Small Cap Stocks Mid Cap Stocks Large Cap Stocks

The Only Constant in Investing is Change

Come back to this page often as this table is updated with new screens. As you review these ideas, pay a great deal of attention to the date these lists were created, as these screens are likely to yield dramatically different ideas as valuations adjust over the year. We ended 2014 with small cap stocks significantly under performing the large and mid cap brethren. For 2015, I expect small caps to be the better investment opportunity. However, selected sectors such as oil and other energy stocks present attractive opportunities today across all asset classes, but this will change along with the oil prices.

Finally, as you do your due diligence, pay attention to diversifying your holdings across asset classes and industry/sectors. Where appropriate, we will list the industry and sectors for each stock to aid you in this process. We are not fans of too much diversification and consider 15 – 30 well selected stocks to be optimal for an individual portfolio.