Complimentary Access to The Investment Brief Magazine on Apple Newsstand

the_investment_brief“The Investment Brief” launched recently on the Apple Newsstand and can be accessed and subscribed to through your iPhones and iPads. Every month, James Brooks, the editor of the magazine, brings together investment ideas, thoughts and perspectives from world’s best investors. I subscribed to the magazine as soon as it was launched and was happy to rate it 5 stars in the App Store.

James has agreed to extend a 3 month complimentary subscription of “The Investment Brief” to the readers of Value Stock Guide. In return, please consider rating the magazine in the app store and writing a brief review (1-2 lines would suffice).

(Please note that apart from receiving a complimentary subscription to the magazine, I have no other relationship with James or the magazine and there is no compensatory arrangement. I will be happy if this turns out to be a valuable resource for my readers and at the same time I am happy to back deserving new products)

Follow these Instructions to Get the 3 Month Complimentary Subscription

  1. Download The Investment Brief app for free from the Apple app store
  2. Once downloaded, open up The Investment Brief. You will see a yellow subscribe button
  3. Click this button and from the dropdown list select “Current Subscribers”
  4. Type in 3freebrief and press select
  5. You now have complementary access to the magazine for 3 months

The first issue is already out. It includes articles from John Mauldin, Frank Martin and others. The November issue is scheduled to be published this week. Go ahead, subscribe and don’t forget to rate and review.

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