Thank You for Your Terrific Response!

About a week ago I opened up the Lifetime membership to the premium service and the response from you has been spectacular. I just want to take a few moments and thank all the new members who have taken advantage of this offer as well as the current members who have upgraded.

Based on the great reception, I have decided to keep this option available for some more time.

The following chart illustrates the growth of $100 with the Value Stock Guide Premium portfolio since its inception on Jul 23, 2009

Portfolio Growth of $100

The returns are net of all commissions paid and exclude dividends. The S&P 500 returns are price returns only and do not include any expenses you would have incurred investing in the index (fund or etf fees).

Also note that starting earlier this year I have been tracking the performance on a weekly basis to give an idea of how the portfolio performs with the market. Between 2009 and end of 2011, the chart shows a straight line but of course there were ups and downs. Eventually though, I am more focused on the long term growth and daily gyrations are of little importance.

The Lifetime membership option is still available for a few days. I will revisit after a week to see if I want to keep it up longer.


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