Recent Sale: $TUES Sold at $6.26/share for 71.18% Gain in Less Than 6 Months

There are actually two sales to report.

  1. Tuesday Morning (TUES) was purchased on Mar 9, 2012 at an average cost of $3.64/share. Last week, on Sep 9, 2012,  the entire position was liquidated at $6.26/share for a gain of 71.18%
  2. Another partial sale was made on Aug 21, 2012 on a stock that I still continue to hold. 50% of the position was liquidated. The gain on sale was 88.35%. This stock was initially purchased on Nov 18, 2011 at an average cost of $0.99/share and further purchases later brought the average cost down to $0.95/share. The sale was completed at $1.8/share.

We initiated 2 new positions in August and we are getting ready to start a position in a new stock this week. Current holdings and recent sales can be monitored (mostly) at the portfolio page

Note: Sale transactions are reported out few days to a week after they are done so premium members have sufficient time to unwind their positions. In cases where the entire position is not liquidated, the stock is not disclosed.

2012 has been excellent so far for the Value Stock Guide portfolio. We are currently sitting on about 28% cash, which has built up as many of the investments matured earlier than anticipated. Attractive investment opportunities still exist, however, I plan to stay at a mildly elevated cash position as I anticipate some valuations might get even more attractive before the year is out.


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