Exited HLYS at $2.35/share – 11.62% Gain in 4 Months

I exited my position in Heelys (HLYS) on Mar 2, 2012 at $2.35/share. The stake was purchased on Oct 14, 2011 at the average cost of $2.07/share. The 4 month of holding netted 11.62% capital gain, net of commissions.

HLYS was originally purchased as a net-net stock with its NCAV exceeding its market value. The stock is perhaps still a good value based on its balance sheet. I liquidated this position to redeploy capital in a new holding which I believe offers greater potential of reward going forward. HLYS has also now hit my sell target price. An 11.62% of gain, net of commissions for a short 4 month holding period is fairly nice. At the exit, the stock made up 2.1% of my portfolio.

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