Monthly Membership Plan is Being Retired

As we continue to grow, it has become necessary to simplify the membership options. The current plans have worked very well, sometimes too well, but they require more maintenance than I can reasonably put in without affecting the main focus of my work: researching and delivering outstanding investment recommendations.

The following change will take effect starting Jan 10, 2013:

  • The Monthly membership plan will be retired
  • We will go forward with Annual membership and Lifetime membership plans

Please note that there will be NO CHANGE for members who are currently on the monthly membership plan. They will continue as they are currently set up. If you are a new member joining between now and Jan 10, 2013 and elect the Monthly option, you will also be grand fathered in.

What if I want to Try Before I Join

Fair question. We do not offer trial periods, neither do we offer discounted plans. The monthly plan used to be a low cost way of trialing the Premium service and if you wish to use it as such you should consider doing so before Jan 10. Since we are mainly long term investors, I do not necessarily believe that a month’s trial will give you the true picture of the outstanding value that the Premium service offers. Especially, since by very nature we tend to buy stocks that everyone hates and sell stocks that everyone loves!

To better understand the benefits of the membership, I strongly suggest you check out the

  1. track record,
  2. transaction history, as well as the
  3. testimonials written by my current members

You could always email me with any questions you may have before you join.

Ultimately it is all about providing value to my members and both Annual and Lifetime plans have proved very popular as they work out to be a better value then the monthly plan.

To wit,

  • Over 80% of annual members have upgraded to the Lifetime plan in 2012, and,
  • Over 60% of monthly members have upgraded to Annual or Lifetime plans in 2012

As of today, the Lifetime plan is the most popular plan and a good proportion of new members start their membership as Lifetime members.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. To start your membership go here.

Question received (email): If I pay for annual membership and decide it does not fit my investment plan, will you offer prorated refunds?

– Think of your membership as an investment and do whatever you need to do to ensure that you are getting a good value before you make the investment. This is what I practice when I buy and recommend any stock and you should do it before you join. I will help by answering any questions and you can of course do research online, check on twitter, post a comment here or other stock boards to find out others’ opinions, etc.

So yes, refunds are not offered. If you are unable to commit for 1 year, then my recommendations will be of no use to you and I would discourage you from joining.

However, when you upgrade your plan, I will adjust the higher plan with a credit for the unused time on your current plan. If you upgrade from monthly to any higher plan, you will get 1 month fee as credit.

To be clear, you can still sign up on the monthly plan till Jan 10.