Monthly Membership Option is Now Available

Just a quick update about the Premium membership program. I am pleased to offer a monthly membership option in addition to the annual membership. Both of these choices are equivalent in terms of benefits and access, except for the cost. Annual membership works out to be about 33% cheaper than the monthly option over a 12 month period. Or you can say, with annual membership, you get 4 months free!

Choice  is always better than no choice, and it is a crying shame I did not offer this earlier.

If you have considered becoming a member in the past (or even if it just occurred to you), a monthly membership is a good way to test things out.

(Hint: When you decide you like the Premium service and want to continue, just cancel your monthly subscription and sign up for the annual subscription and you save 33%)

Sign Up for the membership here and before clicking on the Subscribe button, choose which payment option you prefer – Monthly or Annual. Everything from there on should be auto-magic. If you do encounter any problems at all, let me know and I will take care of you.

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