Listen to the Top Investors in the US and Their Best Ideas for 2016

If you’re a professional or self-directed investor, regardless of sector or style, I want to let you know about a unique online event coming up that I’m excited about and honored to be included as a speaker.

Eight successful investors will share how they approach investing as an overall philosophy and what their highest conviction investments are in 2016 (including the research to back it up).

Brad Thomas, Eric Parnell, Andy Hecht, Chuck Carnevale, Kirk Du Plessis, Bret Jensen, Kirk Spano, and David Stein will be talking about their investment ideas. Joshua Sheats, Brandon Turner, and  your’s truly, Shailesh Kumar discuss investment strategies in bonus sessions.

The event is called the Online Investing Conference.

Once the conference begins, it’s all available online and you can watch it from anywhere at anytime.

Since I truly believe in the opportunity and value of this event, I wanted to let you in on the chance for a free preview and early bird registration.


>> Get a Free Preview and Limited Time Pricing


What I love about this online event is that it’s made with the serious yet busy investor in mind. All content is thorough, top-notch quality and comes in bite size chunks you actually have time to watch.

A glimpse of what you’ll get:

  • The investment philosophies that guide all conference speakers
  • Highest conviction investment each speaker is making in 2016 (with research!)
  • Research and investments from virtually every major sector in investing
  • Insights on how to become a better investor from some of the best in the industry
  • Bonus sessions on true wealth creation, investing in real estate with no money, and the makings of a great value stock investment


>> Get a Free Preview and Limited Time Pricing


It would cost you thousands of dollars in premium newsletters to hear these speakers and learn about their ideas.

Why not take a free look or just jump in before the price jumps up?

P.S. The conference comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Don’t miss out on this no risk, unique opportunity.
>> Get a Free Preview and Limited Time Pricing

Don’t forget to tell your friends and colleagues – they will appreciate the opportunity.

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