June Undervalued Stocks Watch List is Posted

I have added 16 potentially undervalued stocks to the June Watch List in the Member’s Area. These are the stocks that I am analyzing for their valuation and investment attractiveness, the results will also be posted for the members.

This month’s list includes a few companies that represent a sector that has been completely decimated currently. This is a cyclical business which is in the process of bottoming out. While investors are hesitant to commit to new purchases in this sector, this is precisely the time when value investors should be looking to buy in. One should look for companies with strongest balance sheets that are best placed to not only survive but possibly consolidate and emerge better than ever as the cycle turns.

Other stocks in the watch list include a possible net-net investment and other low debt companies in various sectors with depressed stocks relative to their valuations.

The watch list is available for members to the Premium program.

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