Carnival of Value Investing #2

Welcome to the April 2, 2011 edition of Carnival of Value Investing.

Darwin has a good discussion going on about the merits of owning Gold or Silver. Personally, I think this is a gold bubble, waiting to burst. We will see, won’t we.


Boomer presents Market Corrections: Buy, Sell Or Ignore? posted at Boomer & Echo, saying, “Buyers who enjoy these market corrections will typically hold a cash reserve or a margin account to take advantage of potential bargains.”

Darwin presents POLL: Do You Actually Own Gold or Silver? Why or Why Not? posted at Darwin’s Money, saying, “Some considerations on the burdens and costs associated with owning gold and silver – beware!”

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Ken Faulkenberry presents Bull Market vs. Bear Market: Which Would Be Best For You? [page not available] posted at Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP) Blog.

Ideas and Watch List

George presents Cheapest Stocks on the S&P 500 posted at Fat Pitch Financials, saying, “A look at the cheapest stocks in the S&P 500 based on price-to-book ratio and current ratio.”

That concludes this edition.


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