Carnival of Value Investing #11 – The Finality

Welcome to the August 27, 2011 edition of Carnival of Value Investing.

I say finality because I have decided that this will be the last edition of this Carnival. While the carnival continues to attract submissions, it seems to me that value investing is a topic that is not very popular among the finance/investing bloggers. Which is just as well. If every one got interested in value investing, there will be a paucity of undervalued stocks in the market :-)

The market volatility has inspired many bloggers to write about the best ways to react. There is definitely a theme of contrarianism running through these posts. When emotions take over, it is the worst time to make major investment changes. Most investors are better off to sit tight and ride the volatility off.

Crystal presents Dividend Yielding Stocks – I Learn Something New Every Day posted at Budgeting In The Fun Stuff, saying, "You will get the most bang for your investing buck if you check out what dividend yielding equities have to offer."

Darwin presents You Should NOT Be Losing Sleep Over This Market Crash posted at Darwin’s Money, saying, "Aside from selling low and buying high, the tax implications of trading in and out of the market during crashes like this are killing retail investors. Here’s how to stay focused."

Dough Roller presents Is Dividend Investing a Smart Alternative to Savings Accounts posted at Dough Roller, saying, "If you can find a quality stock that pays quality dividends, you may consider replacing your dwindling online savings account rate with more dividend stocks."

Flexo presents High-Yield Investing In a Low-Yield Environment posted at Consumerism Commentary, saying, "Even with a down economy, there are ways to maximize the amount of money you invest."

Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey presents Investment Ideas posted at My Personal Finance Journey, saying, "Today, there exists a seemingly overwhelming amount of investment options. This posts tries to dissect two types of investments in particular – gold and individual stocks – are currently low enough in price to present themselves as good value investments."

Paula presents What To Do When The Market Is In Free Fall posted at, saying, "What should you do when the market has a pullback?"

Staff presents How Useful are PE Ratios Really for Analyzing Stocks? posted at Outlaw Finance, saying, "For many investors, the PE ratio (price to earnings) is the holy grail for analyzing stocks. However, it may be frequently overused. "

Tushar presents Are Bonds at Risk of Default ? posted at Everything Finance, saying, "While the risk of “default” in the U.S. or even most of the corporations is still very low, the risk of devaluation is high. When interest rates rise, the value of the bond goes down. If you can hold the bond to term and the municipality or corporation pays back the principal, then you’re going to be fine."

Alexander presents Best Investments For Steady Income posted at Dividend Stocks, saying, "The best investment is a diversified portfolio of stocks, funds and trusts that increase in value while paying steady income."

My Journey presents Stock Investing Will Have its Up and Downs posted at My Journey to Millions, saying, "You should know and understand your risk tolerance, and be involved in equities with the knowledge that down turns and periods of stagnant growth are not only known risks but actually expected from time to time."

Investor Junkie presents Stock Market Down: What To Do Next? posted at Investor Junkie, saying, "there is really no where to hide when the stock market takes a plunge. Unless of course you have cash, cash like investments, and defensive investments like gold. The time to prepare for any emergency is BEFORE it occurs, not after." 

NetWorthProtect presents Why Believes We are Entering ?Buying Opportunity? Territory in the U.S. Equity Markets posted at, saying, "Why Believes We are Entering “Buying Opportunity” Territory in the U.S. Equity Markets"

MoneyCone presents Market Meltdown, What Should You Do? posted at Money Cone, saying, "What should the U.S. investor do now that the market has taken its worst tumble in two years? Here are some options."

That concludes this edition. Past posts can be found on our Carnival of Value Investing index page.


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