2013 Portfolio Performance and Shuttering the Lifetime Membership

As of Jun 25, the Value Stock Guide Premium portfolio is now up more than twice S&P 500 for the year. The following performance data shows the Total Returns (dividends are included) and are net of commissions.

Period VSG Premium S&P 500
YTD (2013) 26.23% 12.50%
QTD (Q2, 2013) 13.56% 1.71%
MTD (Jun, 2013) 3.73% -2.49%
2012 Full Year 32.44% 16.00%
Since Inception 181.51% 72.01%


Inception date: Jul 23, 2009

Essentially, half of the year to date performance for Value Stock Guide portfolio has come in Q1 and the remaining half in Q2. It has been a steady kind of year. The market on the other hand, as represented by S&P 500, performed very well in Q1 while Q2 has been anemic. June has also been a great month for the portfolio despite the market taking a dive. The last week and half of volatility has largely left us untouched at the portfolio level. This is despite sitting at 27%-30% cash since May 5th.


Q2 Divergence with the Market

As you can see from the chart above, we have diverged quite a bit from the market direction in Q2. Admittedly, this is a small sample of time, but what has been quite satisfying is that this is not due to 1 or 2 stocks suddenly jumping and skewing the portfolio returns. Nearly half the portfolio stocks put in an excellent performance (you can see some of these on the trade history page). When and undervalued stock is valued upwards, it does not care which way the market wind is blowing.

Shuttering the Lifetime Membership Option

After a little over 100 more spots are filled (please see the signup page for information on the available seats. I will try to update the count on a regular basis), the membership to Value Stock Guide Premium will only be available on an annual subscription basis to new members. Existing members will continue to enjoy their current plan. The Lifetime Plan will be retired.

I offered the Lifetime membership option late last year and it very quickly became the most popular choice. The goal was to form a core group of long term committed members to whom I can roll out new perks down the line. I have some ideas I am working with and the time is now to start working on making this happen. I can do these with few hundred lifetime members. It will not be possible with the full membership.

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Referenced in a Professional Publication

My article on Beta is quoted and referenced in the upcoming book Mezzanine Financing: Tools, Applications and Total Performance by Professor Luc Nijs and published by Wiley Finance. Look for it in Chapter 3 which deals with the Intrinsic Cost of the Mezzanine Finance Products. The book is set to be released in Oct 2013. Not sure if it is being released stateside yet.

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