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Shailesh Kumar Head Shot Hi, my name is Shailesh Kumar. I have been investing using value investing principles for over 15 years. My articles at Value Stock Guide are syndicated at Seeking Alpha, Trefis, and My articles have appeared on WealthFront, Forbes, Business Insider and many other sites and I have been featured on New York Times and CNBC (see Press, this page, or this page).

My Background

I am a private investor and entrepreneur. In the past I was a Management Consultant with AT Kearney, where I advised Fortune 100 companies with their strategic business issues. Later, I led finance at a fast growing AT Kearney incubated start up shaking up an old-school manufacturing sector in Midwest. After working as a CFO for the start up company, I later quit to pursue entrepreneurship. I acquired and managed steel service centers in SE Michigan which I ran for two years. Part of the story of my steel business is well recounted in this New York Times article. The bottom line is, I have seen and practiced all aspects of real business, as a manager, consultant to the senior executives, executive and a CEO. This has helped give me a perspective on business, both theoretical and practical, something very few analysts on the Wall Street possess. I rely on my business knowledge in evaluating my stocks and underlying business dynamics and the results have been just excellent. If you choose to invest with me, you get the use of my vast business experience to make wiser investment choices.

Prior to my MBA (University of Michigan, Go Blue), I worked at Ford Motor Company and General Electric. I completed my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology.

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How Can I Help You Grow Your Wealth

So how does my experience help me pick stocks better? For one, I look at a business (and stock) from an owner’s perspective. If the business is creating value for the owners (shareholders), it is a good investment at a right price. I do not worry about efficient markets or other academic theories – they often breakdown for the small capitalization stocks where I most often hunt for value. This allows me to focus on picking the right stocks and ignore the wall street noise.

Ultimately the test of a great investor is his track record. I invite you to explore my past performance, trade history and my past writings. If you would like to use my expertise and take control of your investments so you can finally enjoy the returns you have always wanted, check out the Value Stock Guide Premium program and all its benefits.

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