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Shailesh Kumar Head Shot Hi, my name is Shailesh Kumar.

In 2008, Lehman Brothers ceased to exist. This was no ordinary bankruptcy. This one event, along with Bear Stearns around the same time, caused a tsunami of unprecedented failures in banking and other financial institutions, and led to a massive Federal intervention in the financial system.

Far away from the Wall Street, like millions of other small business owners, perhaps even you or someone you know, I became one of the casualties of the credit crunch that followed.

New York Times wrote about my story

It is said that every value investor follows a different path to value investing. Value investing cannot be learned by studying or attending lectures, though thousands try every year. Either you get value investing, or you do not get it.

I have been investing using value investing principles since 1998. I suppose I did get it, although I did not really know at that time. The banker who was working with me to recapitalize my steel business in 2008, and who eventually said no as the business credit all around the country dried up in the wake of the credit crisis, told me this:

“If you were running an investments business, we will fund you right away”

On asking what prompted this comment,

“I reviewed your personal tax returns going back 5 years, and I have not seen anyone making such consistently profitable investments, year after year

(Emphasis is mine)

It took me about a year to close my steel business after this, and another couple of years to finally open the doors to Value Stock Guide. The interim period involved a lot of introspection and figuring things out. Being forced into closing a business due to economic conditions is not a very good experience, but in many ways, this was the defining moment that finally turned me into a value investor.

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Today, I manage Value Stock Guide and help hundreds of my members achieve portfolio growth that they could only dream of in the past. I make time to pursue my other passions – hiking and running, and being a dad to two wonderful boys. I call Michigan my home and I think after 20 years here I have finally figured out the weather.

Thank you for reading thus far.

Little Bit More on My Background and Investment Philosophy

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Since that article in New York Times, I have been featured at, or have been syndicated at the following

  • Forbes
  • Wealthfront
  • Huffington Post
  • MSN Money
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Benzinga TV
  • Business Insider
  • Seeking Alpha
  • TalkMarkets
  • Trefis
  • Bloomberg Markets
  • CNBC, Toledo Blade, etc, etc, etc

There is also a Wikipedia page on me.

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My Formal Background Summary – there is more …

I have an MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. In the past I was a Management Consultant with AT Kearney, where I advised Fortune 100 companies with their strategic business issues. Later, I led finance at a fast growing AT Kearney incubated start up shaking up an old-school manufacturing sector in Midwest. After working as a CFO for the start up company, I later quit to pursue entrepreneurship. I acquired and managed steel service centers in SE Michigan which I ran for two years. Part of the story of my steel business is well recounted in this New York Times article. The bottom line is, I have seen and practiced all aspects of real business, as a manager, consultant to the senior executives, executive and a CEO. This has helped give me a perspective on business, both theoretical and practical, something very few analysts on the Wall Street possess. I rely on my business knowledge in evaluating my stocks and underlying business dynamics and the results have been just excellent. If you choose to invest with me, you get the use of my vast business experience to make wiser investment choices.

How Can I Help You Grow Your Wealth

So how does my experience help me pick stocks better? For one, I look at a business (and stock) from an owner’s perspective. If the business is creating value for the owners (shareholders), it is a good investment at a right price. I do not worry about efficient markets or other academic theories – they often breakdown for the small capitalization stocks where I most often hunt for value. This allows me to focus on picking the right stocks and ignore the wall street noise.

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