50 Economics Resources for Students and Educators

economicsEconomics is the study of money, business, and monetary policy. The economy is what shapes a nation’s profit and ability to operate on an ongoing basis. Economies fuel the world’s industry, and shape jobs, production, and standards of living. It is important for people to understand economics as well as how different economic policies work across the world. Students should have a proper grasp of economic terminology and how it relates to business and human standards. The following economics resources have been carefully chosen to provide a solid understanding of how the global economy works.

The Economist

The leader in economic news, The Economist is the world’s most popular economics related publication.

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The Economics E-Journal

This website is a resource for students interested in economics as well as economic scholars.

Harvard Dept. of Economics

The home page for Harvard’s Department of Economics, a leading university in the subject.

Political Economy Terms

Use the right hand side to discover different meanings of politically related economic terms.

Economy Watch

Keep up with the latest in economic news at the Economy Watch website.

UN Economic Governing Body

Learn more about the United Nations’ economic governing body here.

Ludwig Von Mises Institute

This economic educational organization is one of the most important and relevant to the world’s economy today.

How the Economy Works

An easy lesson plan for younger grades about how the economy works.

Council for Economic Education

This site has a large selection of economics lesson plans for all grades and levels of study.

Discovery Education

A page that contains many different interesting and educational lesson plans about economics.

Teaching Economics

An organization that focuses on economic education in a way that anyone can understand.

Around the World

This NYT blog features different lessons in economics from around the world.

Business Math & Economics

This site has plenty of economics and business related lesson plans to choose from.

Economics Basics

Some basic principles of economics can be found here.

Economic Education

Here are some excellent educational resources for high school level students learning about economics.

Federal Reserve Education

In depth educational resources to help students learn about the economy.


The home page for the Foundation for Economic Education.


This website has many resources, lessons, and places to learn more about economics.

Visual Aids

This site features graphs and charts to explain things like inflation, money trends, and more.

Virtual Stock Exchange

You can learn more about trading, stocks, and bonds without the risk at the virtual stock exchange.

Monetary Policy

This page contains helpful information about money and monetary policy.

Economics Quiz

This easy quiz helps teach the basics of economics.

Economics 101

This site has some helpful curriculum to teach students about the basics of economics.

Basic Economics

An article that discusses the basic principles of economics.


Learn more about COLA, or the cost of living adjustment.

Cost of Living Comparison

Use this easy to use tool to help you determine the average cost of living based on the region chosen.

Standards of Living

A good article that explains the standard of living and how it’s determined.

Amos Web

This insightful website provides economics information with a touch of whimsy.

Fed Stats

Use this website to find all kinds of statistics and data in conjunction with economics.

Global Economics Game

Software that teaches economics and how it affects the entire globe.

Lemonade Stand

Play this fun and easy game to teach you about basic economics and money making.

The Ayn Rand Center for Business & Economics

This site has a wide array of informative articles and resources about business and economics.

Austrian School of Economics

Learn more about the essential and important Austrian theory of economics.

The World Economic Forum

This global forum has a focus on developing business throughout the world.

World Economic Forecast

This article discusses current trends and forecasts on the world economy.

The Economic Times

Part of the India Times, the Economic Times covers worldwide economic related issues and up to date news.

Study Guides

A comprehensive list of study guides covering many topics in relation to the economy.

US Debt Clock

Take a look at the United States’ current debt, in real time.

US Bureau of Economic Analysis

The BEA analyses and reports on current business and economic growth.

Dictionary of Economics Online

This website has a comprehensive list of economic terms and information all in one place.

Concepts for High School Grads

An interesting site that has basic yet very important economic information that every HS grad should know.


Interactive games, lessons, articles, and much more all related to students centered around economic principles.

Economics and Liberty

A helpful website with links to more information about important economic topics.

Money Management

This site is designed to help people better manage their finances.

Young Money

A great website that encourages young people to earn, invest, and spend their money wisely.