The following is a recent screen I ran to find new small cap investment ideas in 2014. I am still reviewing these stocks in greater detail but as of now, a couple have already made it to my watch list. Company Name Symbol Industry Market Cap P/E Price/Book EPS Growth (5 Year Historical) ALASKA COMMUNICATIONS [...]

This year so far has proved to be excellent for the members. We did pretty well in January, taking a 6.68% points lead over SP500. February has turned out to be even better, with our lead now at 10.89%. At the end of February, the VSG Premium portfolio returned 11.85% year to date. So far [...]

TransGlobe Energy Corporation is a $550 million upstream oil and gas company headquartered in Canada, but with the vast majority of its operations located in Egypt. I’ve written before about searching for crises to look for stocks that have been overly beaten up by a herd of investors under the influence of what I call [...]

This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience The new process of requesting invitations to become a Premium member was communicated yesterday morning and the response was terrific. Unfortunately, around 1:00 pm Eastern Time (US), the servers at the 3rd party list management system I use (Aweber) crashed under load and they are [...]

Some very important changes are coming to the Value Stock Guide Premium registration process. Please click through and read if you have thought about membership in the past.